Water Damage Photo Gallery

removed wood flooring in a kitchen

Water Leak in an Everett Kitchen

A fast response to a leak caused by a supply line to the dishwasher prevented further damage to this Everett kitchen. Our SERVPRO crew removed the engineered flooring immediately to dry the planks and the concrete pad. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, saving our customers inconvenience and dollars.

wet brown carpet, wood panels stacked

Everett Water Cleanup

This water spill in an Everett home was caused by a broken appliance. The water can be vacuumed up quickly by our SERVPRO team to salvage the carpet. Some wainscotting was removed to prevent wicking and water damage and done right to protect our customers' homes.

water seeping into cinderblock, studs showing

Hydrostatic Water Pressure and Damage in a Medford Basement

The saturated ground forced moisture into the hollow cells of the cinder blocks in this Medford Basement. SERVPRO has means of counteracting this water intrusion with drainage systems and an interior placed dehumidifier. This may also improve indoor air quality.

Flash Flood Myths

SERVPRO of Medford/Everett was called in to assist with water intrusion from flash flooding last night in this apartment building lobby.

Myth: SUVs, pickups and other large vehicle are safe to drive through floodwaters.

Fact: Just two feet of water can float most vehicles and, if the water is moving quickly, vehicles can be swept away. If you come to a flooded road, turn around and go another way.

Myth: Flash floods only occur near streams and rivers.

Fact: Flash floods also occur in areas where no streams are present, even urban areas.

Myth: You can walk through floodwaters as long as the water is not too deep.

Fact: Always avoid floodwaters. Just six inches of swiftly moving water can sweep you off your feet. If you come upon a flowing stream where water is above your ankles, stop, turn around and go another way. 

Why Pipes Burst

Surprisingly, ice forming in a pipe does not typically cause a break where the ice blockage occurs. It’s not the radial expansion of ice against the wall of the pipe that causes the break. Rather, following a complete ice blockage in a pipe, continued freezing and expansion inside the pipe causes water pressure to increase downstream -- between the ice blockage and a closed faucet at the end. It’s this increase in water pressure that leads to pipe failure. Usually the pipe bursts where little or no ice has formed.

Powerful Air Movers Help Drying Process

Air Movers are used during water damage restoration to help speed the drying and dehumidification process. Placed properly, they can drastically speed up the time it takes to bring a property back to preloss condition