Storm Damage Photo Gallery

wet cartons, items in water covered basement floor

Basement Flooding in Medford

Contents stored in this Medford basement suffered water damage from the groundwater intrusion. Luckily, SERVPRO can pump out the murky water with a trash pump even as we relocate the salvageable items. Stormwater removal, drying, and sanitizing are segments of the process.

Bare A-frame attic, equipment drying it

Storm Mitigation in a Medford Attic

This structure is being dried with an axial fan and air moving, the final phase of storm damage mitigation. SERVPRO protects Medford buildings from secondary damage like mold growth with rapid drying to standard levels.

wood floor, fans blowing air out open windows

Medford Storm Water Drying

The axial fans in this Photo are completing the drying phase of water intrusion through open windows during a nor'easter. SERVPRO vacuumed up the moisture, the temperature warmed up, and water vapor is being escorted out of the Medford room.

Is Water from Storm Flooding Contaminated?

Yes!  The water from oceans, lakes, rivers or streams is considered Category 3 Water.

Category 3 Water,  is known as "black water" and is grossly unsanitary. This water contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria and fungi, causing severe discomfort or sickness. This category includes water sources from sewage, seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water or standing water.

NY Museum and Collections Affected by Storm

These priceless collections were affected by flooding during a hurricane in New York.  SERVPRO of Medford/Everett's Storm Team was quickly onsite to assist the museum and restore the property.

Wainscoting Affected by Ice Dams

Water intrusion behind the walls caused by ice dams has affected this dining room wainscoting.  Water has caused the paint to bubble and the molding to swell and pull away from the wood.