Recent Before & After Photos

Energy-Efficient and Attractive Renovations Options for Medford Homes and Businesses

This upstairs living room in Medford offered some aesthetic features that were desireable to retain as we brought it from the doldrums of the 1960s to a bright ... READ MORE

Medford Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl spaces, being exposed to harsh weather and climate conditions, can become damp, leading to mold infestations and deteriorating structural joists and suppo... READ MORE

Water Removal from an Everett Office

Water leaked from the plumbing in the restroom of this Everett office suite. The clean water was vacuumed up by SERVPRO techs using portable and weighted extrac... READ MORE

Melrose Commercial Storm Loss

Nor'easters can dump volumes of unwanted rain, which flows as contaminated groundwater into commercial and residential structures. This Melrose facility was imp... READ MORE

Fire Damage Removal in Everett

House fires are typically the most traumatic experience for homeowners in the Everett area. The risk to life and limb cannot be played down. The fire damage res... READ MORE

Broken Seal in a Medford Home's Commode

The seepage from the compromised wax seal in this toilet led to grey or perhaps black water covering sections of the tiled floor. SERVPRO understands the biohaz... READ MORE

Mold Damage from a Water Leak in Medford

The steady dripping from the washing machine supply line soaked into the walls and floorboards in this Medford utility closet, causing mold and water damage. SE... READ MORE

Medford Commercial Center Water Damage

The rainwater entered the Medford facility through a breach in the flat roof. Since we are renowned for our slogan--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster--we were c... READ MORE

Everett Storm Damaged House

When the rainstorm breached the outer shell of this Everett home, the water caused significant damage. As shown in the Before Photo, the water-soaked ceiling pa... READ MORE

Everett Fire Mishap

This cubicle in an Everett small office had a fire-damaging incident to the furnishings and the carpet. Fortunately, our trained FSRT fire and smoke-damaged tec... READ MORE